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Cinch Up Ol' Red

Let her go with you, let her ride Ol’ Red.

Her heart needs that freedom, not all her smarts are in her head.

She’s watching you constantly, how you eat, drink and live.

She doesn’t want the dresses or the dolls- She wants to know the cowboy life.

And that’s a gift that you can give.

After Mom puts a good meal on the stove, she’ll get tucked

in sweetly, but still all she wants to know

is which pasture you’ll be in, what horse you’re gunna show, how many cows you’re branding and if she’ll get to go.

You see, she’s got something in her that’s different from most.

She’s got grit, fire, and spunk, ever more reason to hold her close.

Although she is little, she dreams big Texas dreams.

She was made for deep canyons and open spaces - She’s a wild one to the very seam.

The Good Lord’s given you a daughter that’s not afraid of this rough land.

She loves newborn calves, jugheaded ponies, and holding your calloused hand.

Take this time while she’s little to show her the ropes.

Teach her God’s grace, love, and kindness, and to never lose hope.

She’s watching you always, don’t take it lightly, remember that.

Pray for rain, love your wife, raise good horses and rope fast.

Grow her in virtue and on great ranches out west.

She will come to see the important things in life, and be done with the rest.

I promise you, the father you are now is a standard she won’t let go.

So cinch up Ol’ Red, take the outside spot on the gather, and teach her the things she needs to know.

Because before you know it she’ll be grown and there will be regrets you combat.

But you’ll know you did alright when she finds herself a good cowboyman that takes off his hat.

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©2020 Emily McCartney